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Pick or mix our products 

Depending on the goals you have set for your event, we offer you the right contactless technology to meet them.


Smart badges

Rock the conference world with a small chip integrated in the event credentials. Great for attendees who need to show their identification. 


Customized wristbands

Ideal for high-traffic and multi-day events, smart wristbands digitize interactions with no need to use printing materials.



While meeting the exact same needs as customized wristbands, eco-friendly wristbands also make your events more sustainable. 

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QR code scanning 

Low cost , simple to create and easy-to-print on event credentials. With little effort, you can leverage them to uncomplicate all your event flow.

“Amazing and useful application of NFC technology to an event environment! You simply have to tap the -M-box with a simple badge and all the information is delivered directly to your phone.”

Richard Clemmer, CEO at NXP Semiconductors