Transform trade show interactions into pipeline and revenue

  • Track attendees touchpoints and digitally record all networking interactions
  • Power contact sharing with fast connectivity
  • Merge attendee management into one place
  • Measure your impact and make more money for your exhibitors

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Unique lead retrieval scanners

Take your events to a new level of interactivity. Use contactless smart badges to make any interaction measurable and deliver more value to exhibitors.

Real time interactions

Let exhibitors track their impact on real-time, with customized reports showing their performance indicators like shared contacts, product interactions or bookings as a favorite.


Digital product showcase

  • Online registration & file upload
  • Product pages & eCommerce linkage
  • Product level identification
  • Fully-branded virtual stands
  • Exhibition halls & partners distinction
  • Video meeting rooms & other networking tools

Access and capacity control

Use ID technology to accelerate your event check-in and control entries/exits to specific sessions, conference rooms or VIP areas.


Event tech for in-person events

We help all event organizers grow their businesses with data & tech.

Added value with virtual events

Continue to take advantage of a global reach, advanced analytics and cost savings.

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José Frazão

CEO at Exposalão


"We are betting on this technological solution because we want Exposalão at the forefront of certification, digitization and information. Our goal in presenting beamian technology to exhibitors is to give them information about their potential customers. By touching the exhibitor’s electronic device with the visitor’s card, information is conveniently sent out by email after the event to both parties."

Vanda Santos

Sales Manager at Profair

Vanda Santos

"The implementation of the beamian system in the 2019 edition of the Portugal Print Packaging & Labeling fair was a success for everyone involved. For us, it allows for a much more effective management of the visitors database. For the exhibitors, it saves them time and gives them a much more effective way to manage and contact all the leads. For the visitors, it reduces their waiting time in queues and saves them from having to carry around business cards and promotional flyers."

Cláudia de Sousa

Director at Event Point

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"Ever wondered to know the behavior of delegates or visitors of your event? What captured their attention? Which circuit have they done? What were the most visited stands? The answers to these questions provide valuable information for event organizers (...) and this is what beamian allows to."