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What to expect from beamian's newsletter?

The beamian's monthly newsletter contains the latest news from the events & meetings industry.

We include popular blog posts on hot topics, best practices tips, links to premium content, as well as exclusive guides, and also partner offers and discounts

What to expect from beamian's event platform?

The beamian platform integrates the necessary tools to always keep networking effective, engagement relevant and interactions safe, whether for virtual or in-person audiences.

We enable event ROI measurement and help event organizers increasing their revenue by transforming their processes with digital tools & data.

beamian platform

Event tech for live events

We help all event organizers grow their businesses with data & tech.

Changeover to virtual scenarios

Exhibitors and attendees can now connect in a highly interactive and secure way.


Francisco Viana

Marketing Manager at Vodafone Portugal

Francisco Viana

"We've successfully implemented the beamian solution for all tickets operations & sales management for the music festivals sponsored by Vodafone. The technological disruption of many of its features has allowed us to drastically reduce the complexity of each festival's box office, which consequently optimized access control for each venue."

Viktorija Baltrūnaitė

Head of Career and Development Centre at KTU


"Prior to collaborating with beamian, which started in 2018, it was difficult for our job fair events to encourage students to review and edit their resumes before the event. This partnership has shown that using smart badges is a much more attractive way to do job fairs."