Host Engaging Online Experiences with a Powerful Virtual Event Platform

Ask now for your budget, which includes:

  • Ticketing solution for event monetization (optional)

  • Video conferencing rooms, for group or one-on-one meetings

  • Possibility to build specific sessions, such as webinars & workshops

  • Live streaming service without limits of time, attendees or sessions

  • High video quality without interruptions, for live broadcasting or video on demand tasks

  • Access to trusted production agencies and recording studios


Our virtual solution can be delivered as a managed service with customer support, which means that a customer success manager can be assigned to you, if wanted.

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Product_showcase (3)

Virtual Product Showcase

The beamian solution provides a virtual showcase of products or offers for B2B events, fully customizable on a stand-alone basis. 

Highlight of Sponsors

Take advantage of different options to highlight sponsors and showcase your event's exhibiting brands, based on three levels of visibility.


Interactive Networking Tools 

Give attendees the opportunity to connect & engage with other peers and exhibitors via chat or video.

Live Streaming with Chat

Live stream any session to boost accessibility and amplify your event reach, while boosting networking with a real-time chat tool.

Live_streaming_real-time chat

Digital tools for in-person audiences

We help all event organizers grow their businesses with data & tech.

Virtual audience interaction tools

We provide technology for organizers to engage a remote and wider audience.


Beatriz Serrano

Operations Manager at Study Abroad Portugal

Beatriz Serrano

"The beamian virtual event platform is amazing in that it offers several options for exhibitors to manage their stands. It’s possible to schedule public or private meetings with customers, or simply to chat with them. The data gathered from the platform was also very appealing, not only from the perspective of the event organizer (us), but also from the perspective of the exhibitor. The event was a success, in part due to the dedicated support that was given by beamian throughout the whole process."

Jarne De Waele

Career & Development Manager at VTK Gent

Jarne De Waele

"In November 2020, we hosted our first-ever virtual internship fair for our engineering students. Thanks to the expertise and flexibility of beamian, it was a great success!"