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Hybrid Platform 

As an event organizer you're able to choose between a hybrid or live scenario without any pressure. 

When it's time to host in in-person events again, we also offer a digital registration system and the security of contactless & paperless interactions

Virtual Solutions for Brand Events

Improve your networking & amplify your reach with a virtual experience that includes:

Scenario with exhibitors

  • Online registration & file upload
  • Product pages & eCommerce linkage
  • Product level identification
  • Fully-branded virtual stands
  • Exhibition halls & partners distinction
  • Video meeting rooms & other networking tools

Scenario without exhibitors

  • Online registration 
  • Networking premium space for participants
  • Event Calendar with sessions / workshops

Full Flexibility

The beamian solution works for different scenarios simultaneously - within an integrated platform - helping to pivot back your corporate events towards virtual, hybrid or face-to-face scenarios when needed.

Event tech for live events

We help all event organizers grow their businesses with data & tech.

Changeover to virtual scenarios

Exhibitors and visitors can now connect in a highly interactive and secure way.

  • Brisa
  • Vodafone
  • CCIP
  • Melting Talks
  • Climate Change


Alexandra Rocha

MarCom at CCIP

Alexandra Rocha

"This partnership resulted in an evident upgrade of our check-in processes and also allows to streamline  relevant information to participants and collect structured data or further analysis. We recommend beamian both for the potential of their event platform and for the availability of the whole team."

Francisco Viana

Marketing Manager at Vodafone Portugal

Francisco Viana

"We've successfully implemented the beamian solution for all tickets operations & sales management for the music festivals sponsored by Vodafone. The technological disruption of many of its features has allowed us to drastically reduce the complexity of each festival's box office, which consequently optimized access control for each venue."

José Frazão

CEO at Exposalão


"We are betting on this technological solution because we want Exposalão at the forefront of certification, digitization and information. Our goal in presenting beamian technology to exhibitors is to give them information about their potential customers. By touching the exhibitor’s electronic device with the visitor’s card, information is conveniently sent out by email after the event to both parties."